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"Laura's meditation course is one of the best investments I've ever made in myself, in my wellbeing. Within a short time, this specific meditation has already reaped huge dividends. It has provided me a refuge of resonance that allows me to go so deeply within, to new wellsprings of peace and clarity, strength and resilience. Laura frames and informs these lessons with elegant, loving language, using simple, illuminating metaphors and concepts. The lessons themselves feel like meditations; every word offered, every idea shared feels essential and necessary, all parts conjoining to make a beautiful whole. And by some metaphysical sleight of hand, I felt as if I were actually there with her, in her studio, face-to-face, for one-on-one instruction - so immediate, warm, and enveloping is her presence and gaze. Very surreal, very very cool.

I've been meditating for years, but after this course, my practice is now suffused with a novel, sparkly anticipation of new things to come. By gifting myself this course, I've taken my self-care to a whole new and life-affirming level. Much love and gratitude to Laura for opening up her soul so expansively and sharing its gifts so effortlessly. May she be repaid a thousand times. I am, and will remain, eternally grateful."

- Daniel Walsh

"Laura’s guidance through her meditation course provides a clear and easily remembered recipe to meditation. It has allowed me to make a habit of meditation and from that repeated experience I remain continuously grounded.  Laura’s authenticity shines through and a bond of trust is immediately formed. This gave me the ability to “let go”. I would recommend this course for everyone who wants to feel a sense of joy and serenity."

- Gloria Jones

"“Laura has truly been given the gift of teaching. Her wisdom and knowing around meditation and mindfulness is so evident throughout her program. She manages to put words to the experiences that we often lack the capacity to express with vocabulary." "

- Emma Krebs